Purchase a 360 video booth for an interactive touch

All things entertainment get better once you set up a motorized platform with a spinning camera to capture those emotional moments. With 360 photo booths for sale, interactive activities are the icing on the cake on every occasion, whether a party or a corporate event. 

Let them take fun pictures and spice them up with 360-degree videos of anyone and anything – it’s up to their imagination!

360 video booths for sale for non-stop footage

Do you have a phone, tablet, GoPro or digital camera? You can choose any device to pair with our booth. Just connect it to the platform and let it spin.

We have designed 360-degree booths of different sizes that leave enough space for every video’s character. There are portable 68-cm platforms for solo bloggers and large configurations of up to 115 cm, which may be perfect for couples, groups and even massive decorations.

No matter which 360 photo booth for sale you pick, you get more than just a platform:

  • Fixators
  • Adapters
  • Power cables
  • Remote control units
  • Adjustable LED rings

For professional content making, complete your order with advanced hardware (enclosures, memory cards, power banks, etc.) Whether it’s a standard or upgraded package, we will send your booth with a protective cover, so you can easily take it wherever needed. 

Exceptional quality

Take pictures coupled with dynamic videos with peace of mind, as we care for the quality of our 360-degree platforms. Our booths can sustain any creative ideas, as they are:

  • EU-made. As Europe’s leading 360 photo booth supplier, we ensure our platforms and their components are made from durable materials like anti-slip metal or tempered glass. They withstand crashes and loads, so the end user can fully focus on fun rather than the equipment.
  • Covered by warranty. We provide a 2-year warranty for every booth, which can be extended upon request. If your photo-making platform goes out of service, you can entrust us with repairs, as we have spare parts for each configuration.
  • Affordable for everyone. Given such superior quality, our pricing is the best on the continent. The final 360 video booth price depends on the delivery time and the package you choose, but free shipping is always there Europe-wide.

We carefully check our platforms for functionality and safety before shipping. After we have the booth tested, you can get it delivered to your entertainment venue, rental equipment warehouse or other location within five days. 

Buy a 360 photo booth for real and virtual life experiences

Whether you need a platform for entertainment or business, there’s something for you. As a 360 photo booth vendor, we can help turn any party, wedding or corporate event into a terrific experience.

The platform’s use goes beyond fun, though. It can boost your social media coverage and help you spread the word about your business in a different way – thanks to immersive videos.

If you are a blogger or influencer, 360 Photo Booth Pro equipment is your go-to for generating content 24/7. We cater to everyone’s needs with the most comprehensive range of booths!